After 3 years, 52 countries, 500 people, and over 3 thousand messages sent, Hemoglobe has shutdown.

What was once impossible, Hemoglobe made a reality. Growing up with hemophilia. I, like many of you craved a connection with someone else like me. For the longest time, this was difficult. I tired going to local events when I was younger but found it hard to connect.

In college I had the idea for Hemoglobe and tried to build it using Google Maps and an Excel Spreadsheet. I wanted people to visit the website and place themselves on the map by entering in their data into a spreadsheet. Crude, but it could have worked. Fast forward a few years and Hemoglobe for iPhone was born thanks to the kind souls at Affinity Biotech who encouraged and helped make it a reality. Also a big thanks to Jesse Squires who developed the app with me. Couldn't have done it without him.

If you already have the app installed it will continue to work for the rest of the year most likely. Then the backend service that powers it will be shutdown and all the data (messages, relative location information, your profile) will be wiped from the Hemoglobe database.

Thanks to everyone who downloaded and tried out the app. I hope you got something out of it. Cheers!

Michael Schultz