See who is nearby with Hemoglobe.

The impossible, has become possible. Discover other people with bleeding disorders in your area and beyond!

Global Reach

Hemoglobe is available around the world. Not only can you find people near you but across the globe as well. We are all connected by our disorder, now you can be connected through Hemoglobe.

Discover Friends

Discover people in your city you never knew where there. Just open the app and let us do the rest. It's seriously as simple as that.

Bleeders Unite!

Hemoglobe let's you talk with other people privately. Share phone numbers, email addresses, or just keep talking through the app. It's up to you how you use Hemoglobe.

Quotes From Around The Globe


"It's great to finally have something that is both compatible with my busy lifestyle and can help me meet people in my hemophilia community."

Daniel Cieslak (Covington, KY)

"Hemoglobe is creating new local, state, and regional communities. Providing a new avenue for collaboration and support never seen before."

Edward Jones (Dallas, Texas)

"I like coffee. Now it's easier than ever for me to grab a cup with a friend from the community who might be nearby."

Aaron Craig (New York, New York)

"Michael has created something which further shrinks our dispersed community. Hemoglobe is a great example of technology unifying bleeders around the world."

Patrick James Lynch (New York, New York)